Girl looking for her dad in the supermarket is scared to find him

If you have ever had a scare of those that make your heart race and make you feel a hole in your stomach, then you will understand what a girl felt when she lost sight of her dad in the supermarket, because what happened when she found him it shook her completely.

This little story was shared by the TikTok user @boliibon7w7, in a video that has gone viral due to the surprise of the event. In the clip, the girl begins by explaining that her mother sent her to look for her father, whom they lost sight of in the supermarket.

girl with face mask

On her way to find her father, the girl begins to record the search with her cell phone, so in the video you can see that the store where the family was shopping has a furniture department, it was there that the daughter he located his dad, resting calmly on a comfortable gray armchair.

Amused, she quickly approached him, because from afar she noticed that he was asleep, so when she reaches him, she begins to speak to him to try to wake him up, but the man does not seem to listen to her.

man asleep on a sofa

Dad, Dad, he told her a couple of times, but noticing that he didn’t react, the daughter tried to move him a little. As he did, the man’s arms dropped. As expected, the young Ella began to freak out, though she also tells him, with a nervous laugh, that she stop joking around.

Dad, dad, dad, are you kidding me? Already! Get up. Potato?

man with gray camera

After a few moments, as soon as the man opens his eyes, she breathes relieved, mentioning that he scared her, because for a moment she felt that her father had really died right there. Quiet, the man puts on his cap and asks his daughter:

I did fall asleep, right?

After the scare, the girl decided to share her experience on the networks, mentioning, with a bit of humor, that her father almost met Diosito in the supermarket. After going viral, Internet users were quick to make funny comments about this incident.

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