Girl photo recreates Tom Holland to get his attention

Gone are the days of female fans sending letters to their favorite celebrities or drawing cute portraits of them. However, a Tom Holland fan went a step further, proving that anything can be achieved.

Tori Bernal recreated the exact look and feel of the photo shoot that the magazine GQ he did to the young Spider-Man in the summer of 2017. His goal: to get the actor’s attention and in the end… he did.

Tori loves movies and television

long-haired girl wearing hats

She is only 19 years old, she is a photographer and she finds her inspiration in fashion, cinema, television and, of course, her favorite characters.

Tom Holland is his crush

girl wearing blue suit

Being a fan of Spider-Man and Tom, Tori enlisted the help of her mother and sister to do her own version of the photo shoot. Californian Poolside Chic, that the actor did for GQ.

It was careful planning. I got second hand clothes, the blue suit was actually a man’s pajamas. My mother helped me take some of the photos. My sister helped me choose places. We then edited the images to make sure they were perfect. It was a ton of teamwork!

Their fan art has fallen in love with the internet

girl and boy having breakfast cereal

Tori shared her project on Twitter and Instagram. So far its publication has achieved 127 thousand likesand has been retweeted more than 32 thousand times.

Now the fans demand a love story

girl and boy wearing shirt with flowers

Among the hundreds of messages that Tori has received there are those who have dared to say that both should have a love relationship; Others say they are soul mates because of the resemblance of their smiles.

However, one person hadn’t seen the footage…and that was Tom. But it was all a matter of time. Tori’s followers have tagged him in the comments.

Objective achieved!

girl wearing short denim skirt

Internet fulfilled another dream. After being persistently tagged, and seeing the work Tori had done, Tom couldn’t resist contacting her and meeting her in person, proving why he is the best Spider-Man ever.

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