Grandfather shows up to sing at the fair and nobody attends

In social networks, the photographs of an elderly singer in an empty forum and with the willingness to sing went viral. Local Mexican regional music artist Rogelio Veina came out on stage to perform at the National Fair in Fresnillo, Zacatecas, but, unfortunately, no one came to see him.

After Rogelio’s story became popular, a wave of supportive reactions was unleashed, mentioning that local artists should be supported, especially older adults. Resident Internet users of Fresnillo and other places questioned the lack of empathy and the little respect that had been given to the singer.

Roger Veina

According to the information given by the municipal president of Fresnillo, Saúl Monreal Ávila, the story of Mr. Rogelio was so popular that they asked for a second chance for him and this reached the ears of the interpreter Gerardo Ortiz, who invited him to open his scheduled concert in the same fairgrounds.

After the bad time he experienced, the 85-year-old man thanked the people who came and applauded his performance as part of the opening of Gerardo Ortiz’s concert, where he took the opportunity to emphasize the attendance and support of Internet users. In addition, he stated that he did not imagine that this experience would become so viral and then have the opportunity to sing again, but now with a full capacity.

the monster with gerardo ortiz

For years, Rogelio has been known as “El Mostrenco”, he is originally from Zacatecas and for many years he has dedicated himself to singing ranchera music in his state. Due to his long career, he was invited to present himself as a talent in the celebration of the Fresnillo National Fair and despite the fact that he was announced as all the artists on the billboard, “El Mostrenco” had to give his Show in soliloquy.

This left many Internet users reflecting on the visible lack of support for local artists, which has caused them to be forced to seek other opportunities and spaces in places other than where they reside.

gerardo ortiz with rogelio veina

This story had a happy and motivating ending for the singer Rogelio, because in addition to having shared a pleasant experience in the company of Gerardo Ortiz, he had the opportunity to be heard singing and was applauded by the public.

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