Grandma wanted to remove the virus from her grandson’s computer and washed it

What wouldn’t grandmothers do for us? In addition to feeding us because they see us in poor condition, they do everything to pamper us and help us in whatever way they can. So much so that they reach the point of having many occurrences in order to see us happy and calm. Like the case of the grandmother who washed a laptop with soap and water when she heard in the distance that she had a virus.

We learned about this unique case through Aaron’s Tiktok account, where he shared the exact moment his grandmother placed the laptop on a table in the middle of the patio and began to wash it with water, soap and a sponge. This happened because the lady understood that her grandson had problems using it due to a virus, but she never imagined what kind of virus the boy was referring to.

grandpa washing laptop

The cleaning was complete and, of course, with the best of his intentions, but the user stated that he had written his thesis on that computer. Whoops!


My PC was very clean. It smells like seal soap. #virals #comedy #pc #technology #abuelasdetiktok

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After the clip became popular, many Internet users applauded the gesture of the grandmother who, despite having ruined her, had the tenderness of wanting to solve the problem for her grandson. In other comments we could read that the types of virus must be clarified when talking to grandmothers and that the intention is what always counts.

soapy lap

Following this short video, many shared some experiences with their grandmothers. For example, a user said that her grandmother had sewn her ripped pants and several agreed with that experience, while another girl mentioned that her grandmother sewed the neckline of a blouse, you know, so that “she would not show too much”.

Later, in another clip, the young man clarified that he prefers a thousand times to lose his thesis or the computer than not to appreciate his grandmother’s great gesture. Grandmas should be forever!

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