Granny cries when she sees ‘Doctor Barbie’ inspired by her granddaughter

Since the start of the covid-19 pandemic, all health personnel have dedicated themselves to caring for and saving as many lives as possible, an arduous task that not only put their lives at risk, but also made it difficult for them to work. overtime and without rest.

For this reason, in order to pay tribute to all the medical personnel, Barbie wanted to repay all their efforts and launched a collection of several doctors who were present in the fight against the coronavirus.

female doctor-inspired barbie doll series

Among them, Dr. Audrey Sue Cruz, a woman from the United States whose doll stood out in networks due to the video of the emotional reaction that her grandmother had when she saw that the company Mattel designed a Barbie inspired by her.

In order to publicize the collection of tribute dolls, the toy company organized some events in which the honored doctors presented the figures that were inspired by them and where they invited their families to participate.

My grandmother just got out of the hospital and this is the first time she has seen my Barbie doll in the exhibition. Her reaction.

That was how, after her grandmother was discharged from the hospital, Audrey wanted to take her to see her doll at the Mattel company exhibition, so, proud of her achievement, she wanted to capture the moment and recorded her reaction without imagining how emotional that would be.

Female doctor with a Barbie doll in her hand

Through her Instagram account, the doctor shared the exact moment in which her grandmother could not contain the tears of emotion to see that the company designed a doll completely inspired by her granddaughter.

The girl assured that she greatly admires her grandmother and feels great affection for her, as she said that she grew up in poverty in a rice field in the Philippines. In addition, she said that the older woman worked hard and decided to move to the United States in order to give her family a better future. For all the sacrifices she made, Audrey assured that everything she has and has achieved so far is for her grandmother.

Doctor Audrey honored with a barbie inspired by her

The moving story touched the hearts of all Internet users, so it did not take long to go viral and go around all the networks, where it was filled with comments from people who were moved by the reaction of the adorable grandmother.

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Granny cries when she sees 'Doctor Barbie' inspired by her granddaughter

Granny cries when she sees ‘Doctor Barbie’ inspired by her granddaughter