Granny was locked in the bathroom at her birthday party

Setbacks and mishaps are something that can never be absent during a celebration. Regardless of how relevant or significant it is, the unexpected moments are always there, ready to appear at any moment, but as long as it is not an incident that puts the guests at risk, the party must go on.

At least that is how this family applied it, who did not panic when they realized that the birthday girl, the grandmother, was locked in the bathroom and even when noticing that the door could not be opened. Instead of running from one place to another desperate for the situation, between dances and jokes they immortalized the moment of rescue and went viral on TikTok.

People taking a selfie while grandma is locked in the bathroom

The person in charge of sharing the fun moment was Diana Luna, who, through a recording, shows her family, that far from worrying about the inconvenience, she decided to take it with a lot of humor while they found a way to free the birthday girl.

The video published by the granddaughter of the locked-up woman shows a man named Billy trying to open the bathroom door while giving instructions to the grandmother in order to free her. Realizing that the plate is stuck and it is not possible to open it, little by little, the family gathers outside the place to see what is happening.


The grandmother was locked in the bathroom in her mere celebration and the mariachi arrived to relax the atmosphere. 😂 #mariachi #party #family #parati #viral #viraltiktok #tiktok #laughter #comedy #grandma

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The grandmother was locked up in her mere celebration and the mariachi arrived to relax the atmosphere.

Far from worrying or helping to rescue the woman in question, in the recording you can see some people taking a selfie faking a worried face to upload it to Facebook. While Billy continued trying to open the door, the relatives continued to joke around and began to dance around the man who, persevering, did not stop trying to open the lock.

mariachis surrounded by people at a party

But the most epic moment of the video was when the mariachi approached and began to play outside the toilet to cooperate in the misfortune of the party, they even captured the moment with a selfie. After a few minutes a security guard arrived to help with the rescue, but, in the end, the one who managed to open the door was the persevering Billy, who did not give up until he got the grandmother out of the bathroom.

With the fanfares in the background, those present shouted and applauded when they saw that the grandmother had been released, but not before thanking her and cheering Billy for rescuing her.

Screenshot of the rescue of the granny who got locked in the bathroom at her party

The video soon became popular on the platform, where the girl shared more videos that showed that despite the small incident, the birthday girl continued with her celebration as if nothing had happened.

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