Guy ran after receiving marriage proposal from his girlfriend

It is becoming more and more common to see girls taking the initiative, breaking with all stereotypes and being the ones who prepare the perfect moment to make the famous marriage proposal to their partners. From searching for the best spot to the right situation, some women can’t wait to take it to the next level and marry the man they think is the guy of their dreams.

However, it is clear that things do not usually go as planned or at least this girl had the opposite of what she had imagined it would be like to propose to her boyfriend, because by doing so, he did not take it in the best way. and after helping her to her feet, he ran out of the place, leaving her disconsolate.

girl proposing to her boyfriend

This story was shared through the TikTok account of Gabriela Grajales, a tourist who, walking through the streets of Rome, Italy, just outside the Colosseum, recorded the exact moment a girl knelt next to her boyfriend, took out a ring and asked her to marry him.

Everything was going very well and the moment seemed to have become magical, since those present, excited by what they were witnessing, immediately began to emit sounds of tenderness and emotion for the couple. However, no one imagined the groom’s incredible reaction.

guy runs away when his girlfriend asks him to marry her

When the girlfriend asked the well-known question, the man immediately tried to pick up the young woman, who refused to rejoin. After several desperate attempts by her boyfriend and under pressure from the spectators, the young woman gave in and stood up.

Following this action and after his refusal, the boy released his girlfriend and ran out of the place, leaving his girlfriend planted and heartbroken, letting her know that, apparently, his intentions were not the same as hers. .

We were touring Rome when suddenly her heart was broken.

Seeing the rudeness she had received, a group of girls approached the young woman to comfort her, hug her and give her a few words of encouragement to make her feel better while she passed her hand over her eye, as if wiping her tears.

photo of some girls hugging another woman after being rejected by her boyfriend

In the end, it is unknown what happened next, since the recording ends when the girls hug the young woman. The video soon went viral and was filled with comments from people who lamented the groom’s reprehensible action, while many others congratulated and applauded the empathy she received from the women present.

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