Guy Still Photoshops Disney Characters in His Daily Life

Previously we have already talked about the artist Samuel MB, who is a teacher by profession but whose hobby favorite is Photoshop Disney characters in your daily life. Although it all started as a simple distraction after the covid-19 confinement, it seems that it became her favorite pastime, since she is still recreating images in which she interacts with them and it is still just as fun as the first time.

Through his Instagram account, this teacher continues to share funny photos in which he can be seen living with the most emblematic characters of our favorite Mickey Mouse movies. From scenes at a table playing dominoes, watching movies in the living room, gatherings on the beach and even teaching them a class, these are some of the most recent and iconic creations that Samuel has made for his followers.

1. This is what it looks like when your little brother grows up

photoshopped man with baby vs big simba

2. Friend, open your eyes wide

man recreating scene with the Little Mermaid and Prince Eric

3. A magical birthday

man entering his house while being greeted by Disney characters

4. In the end everyone cries

man in his living room with Disney characters watching the Titanic movie

5. A game of dominoes is always good

Man playing dominoes with iconic Disney characters

6. Without leaving behind the intriguing Jenga

man playing Jenga with famous Disney characters

7. Tarzan, this is not a nude beach

man next to several protagonists of Disney movies

8. There are students who do not give one in class

Man teaching class to several children who are characters from Disney movies

9. Vacations without a pool are not vacations

man in a pool scene with Disney characters

10. Long or short? Place your bets

man looking in the mirror next to Tarzan

11. The most important meal of the day

Alicia, Beast and Arthur having breakfast next to a man

12. The feet do not go on the table

Scene of Gastón next to Jazmín with his feet on the table of a man who covers his nose

13. Get home and get comfortable

Man putting crocs on Cinderella in her living room

14. The one who takes 50 photos and doesn’t like any of them.

Mulan and one of Cinderella's stepsisters taking a picture of a Lilo and Stitch character on a beach

15. The best selfie making faces

selfie of a man accompanied by several Disney characters making funny faces

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Man who left his wife for Ukrainian is bankrupt

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Joseph Quinn meets Metallica and plays with them in concert