Hair color that looks good according to your zodiac sign

Recently it has become fashionable to dye colored hair, as we see girls who are not afraid to look and feel different and choose to wear phosphorescent tones in their hair or simply some shades that at first glance are not very “natural” but that are seen divine.

However, many times it happens to us that when we want to make a radical change in our hair, we do not decide on one tone, since we want it to reflect our personality. That’s why today we made astrological charts and consulted the planets to find out which color is indicated according to your zodiac sign. Be careful, it doesn’t matter if you’re skeptical, maybe one of these options might appeal to you.

1. Aries: pastel color

pastel pink tint

2. Taurus: Brown

chestnut tint

3. Gemini: Two colors

two color hair

4. Cancer: grungy Y soft

  grunge and soft hair

5. Leo: Striking reddish

striking reddish hair

6. Virgo: Ash

ashy hair

7. Libra: Blonde

blond hair

8. Scorpio: Pink soft

soft pink hair

9. Sagittarius: Eccentric Color

eccentric hair color

10. Capricorn: Black

black hair

11. Aquarius: Color Wicks

colored streaks

12. Pisces: Reddish Brown

reddish brown hair

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