Harry Styles saw his teacher in concert and sang a song for her

Harry Styles lived up to the name of his tour love on tour when she paused her most recent concert after learning that her first childhood teacher was in the audience. The concert took place on Wednesday, June 15, 2022, at the Emirates Old Trafford in Manchester, United Kingdom, with a capacity for 26 thousand people.

The former member of One Direction asked his fans to be quiet so that her teacher could indicate where she was and locate her faster. In addition, she dedicated some emotional words to him for helping her in her initial training along with a song.

I’m going to ask you for a favor, because I’d love to try and find someone who’s in the audience. So let’s have a little bit of silence and I’m going to see if I can get ahold of this person if you don’t mind helping me out, okay? Because my first teacher from school is here tonight. Her name is Mrs. Vernon and I think she’s in the crowd. Let’s try to find her if she’s here.

“Mrs. Vernon, are you here?” she asked before locating a person who tried to impersonate her. Walking across the stage, Harry ran into his teacher, who was standing very close to the stage.

Harry Styles

There is. Mrs Vernon!

After approaching her, he got down on his knees, excited, with his hands raised in gratitude:

How is it going? I heard that she is retiring. I would like to thank him for what he contributed during the years of my training. Oh yes, thank you very much. It means a lot to me that you’re here tonight.

Harry Styles

In the midst of the emotion and surprise of its thousands of fansthe moment of gratitude did not end there, because after thanking him for his attendance at the Show, The 28-year-old actor also dedicated the song to him Canyon Moon.

The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show BBC Radio 2 was able to track down Harry’s school teacher for her morning show, where she shared what it was like to educate the As It Was Before his rise to fame:

I was her teacher when she was four and five years old and she was adorable. He was a bit mischievous, outgoing, and had a lot of friends, so a lot of the personality of him that you see now was pretty apparent from a young age.

Harry Styles as a child

Later, he participated in many performances, so it was in those years that we saw how talented he was with his music. The best performance I remember was when he played Elvis in the José performance that we did. All the teachers are very proud of him and for everything he has achieved.

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