He apologizes to the teacher in his exam with Chayanne’s song

When a student knows that he is about to fail a subject, he does everything possible to convince the teacher to give him another chance. Some students look for their teachers to give them extra work. Others go another route and try to bribe them so they don’t get bad grades.

But some people let their creativity shine through. Like this boy, who went out of the ordinary and apologized to his teacher in the most peculiar and fun way: he wrote a verse from a song by the singer Chayanne in his exam.

image showing a Macchiatto next to a pen and an exam

The student’s ingenious response was shared through a video on TikTok under the account @profestiktokers, where the teacher recorded the boy’s exam next to a plant and a latte macchiatowith the song A century without you in the background according to the verse of the song with which the young man apologizes.

“If I have failed you, I ask your forgiveness…”


Teachers never get bored 😂 #Chayane #SiTeHeFallado #CEPB #fyp

♬ original sound – Rolas for your state D¹⁰

Approaching the cell phone to record the student’s apology, you can read the text that says: “Teacher, if I have failed you, I apologize in the only way I know…”. Apparently, she apologized because she marked more than one option as an answer, so that question was invalidated. Realizing his mistake, she had no choice but to take a chance and apologize in epic fashion.

There is no doubt that it is a good song to apologize, so the clip soon went viral, and at the moment it has 2.4 million views and more than a thousand comments from users who sided with the ingenious student and asked to be forgive your mistake. In addition, they congratulated him on his excellent taste in music.

Screenshot of the viral video of the boy who apologizes to his teacher in an exam

Apparently, Chayanne is not only to the taste of most mothers in Latin America, but the love for Puerto Rican was inherited to all Latino children. And the thing is… Who wouldn’t love Chayanne?

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