He crashed his car while showing off his driver’s license.

Obtaining a driver’s license is an essential requirement to drive a vehicle on the streets of any city, so obtaining it becomes an achievement worth sharing.

But on more than one occasion it has been shown that things do not always go as planned in our minds and that was something that was very clear to this young Spanish woman, who, wanting to celebrate her satisfaction of having obtained her driving license, ended up crashing his car.

image of a crying girl's face

The exact moment that went from joy to sadness in a matter of minutes was shared on the TikTok account of Ingrid, the girl from Spain, who, euphoric at having obtained her license, before arriving at her home, announced her arrival honking the horn all over the street, without imagining what would happen seconds later.

The recording under the text “POV: not even 24 hours with a license” begins with Ingrid driving her car, announcing her arrival after receiving her driver’s license, but her emotion ended when upon arriving home, before she even wanted to park, she collided with a car parked on the street, which turns out to be his brother’s.


I forgot it was Friday the 13th🫠🤣 #fyp

♬ original sound – ingriiid_12

I forgot it was Friday the 13th.

The one in charge of immortalizing the moment was the young woman’s mother, who, sharing her daughter’s emotion, decided to record her arriving at the house. Ingrid comments that when she saw her, she put her arm out of her window to greet her, so she lost control of the vehicle and ended up crashing into the other car.

image showing two cars colliding

As usual, the surprising and peculiar video soon became a trend on the platform, so the video was filled with countless views and reactions with comments from people who made some jokes but also asked for a second part in which the girl discuss the situation.

That’s how Ingrid got excited and a few days after the incident she uploaded another recording in which she makes a story time of the day of the crash. Among the images, she showed a recording of her cell phone screen, in which it is seen that, through a group on WhatsApp with her friends, the girl sent them a video inside her car.


Reply to @ manchitero69 Here you have the storytime and the result🤣🙃

♬ original sound – ingriiid_12

After playing the video, he scrolls down to show his friends’ responses until he reaches some audios in which he tells them, crying, about the terrible incident with his brother’s car. Later he sends them the photographs of the crashed vehicles and ends the video with a recording of the former King of Spain Juan Carlos apologizing.

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