He gives his savings to his granddaughter for the Bad Bunny concert

Bad Bunny’s world tour has become one of the most anticipated events on the music scene. It is therefore not surprising that thousands of fans are already shelling out the savings to buy the tickets corresponding.

Tickets that in turn have caused controversy and memes due to their high costs. That is why she moved on social networks that a grandmother gave all her savings to her granddaughter so that she could go to the singer’s concert in Mexico.

Granny gives away all her savings to her granddaughter so she can go to the Bugs Bunny concert

The TikTok user @ brendaedith2 shared a clip in which the announcement of Bad Bunny’s next concert in Mexico is seen and immediately afterwards her grandmother is seen taking out her piggy bank to give her all her savings so that she can go to her singer’s concert favorite.

– What are you going to buy with your savings?

– Give them to my granddaughter so she can go see Bugs Bunny.


The best granny (bugs bunny 😂) #badbunnypr #fypシ #badbunnyconcert #badbunnyenmexico

♬ original sound – Brenda Edith

@ brendaedith2 and those who accompanied her could not contain their laughter after hearing the grandmother confuse the animated cartoon character, Bugs Bunny, with Bad Bunny.

The video immediately went viral, adding more than half a million views and thousands of comments, including congratulations to the grandmother for supporting her granddaughter to fulfill her dream, because otherwise it would not be possible. And of course, @brendaedith2 has also been told that she has a granny worth gold, so she should take care of her and appreciate her great gesture, which she will surely never forget.

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