He proposes to his girlfriend in front of the sea and her ring falls off

The marriage proposal is one of the most special moments for couples, so men manage to organize the perfect setting to make it unforgettable. But as much as things are planned, inconveniences and difficulties can arise at any moment.

Just like the fail in the marriage proposal of this boy, who went viral on TikTok for having the bad luck to throw the ring into the sea just at the moment he asked his girlfriend to marry him.

Screenshot of a proposal in front of the sea

Mich Elena was the tiktoker responsible for publicizing the fun and happy moment of the couple, who while on the beach in the light of sunset, the man is seen kneeling and taking out an engagement ring.

screenshot of the video in which the boy's wedding ring falls into the sea

With the song A sailboat called freedom As a background, the bride, surprised by the proposal, observes that at the moment of taking out the ring, her groom drops it on the sand and the sea carries it away.

Believing it was a joke, the girl began to laugh, until the reaction of the boyfriend, desperate to find him in the sea, proved the opposite.


Come with me to see this sad story… #parati #fyp #fypシ #viral #ysemarcho #asipasa #proposal #storytime

♬ A sailboat called Libertad – José Luis Perales

Join me to see this sad story.

The recording of the funny proposal did not take long to turn the internet. The short video has already exceeded three million views and more than four thousand comments from users in which messages such as “It is a sign that they should not get married”, “Divine sign of the universe” and that “They are not destined to be together”. ”.

image that shows a boy looking for his ring that was lost in the sea

After the request of some users for the publication of a second part, Elena shared the continuation of the iconic request, where they reveal that it is a joke planned by the boyfriend and his family.


Reply to @echandocotoconlabanda PART 2! Jokes with a happy ending DO exist ❤️💍🥂🙌🏼 #parati #fyp #fypシ #viral #propuesta #storytime #amor #marryme #casateconmigo #finalfeliz #happyending #joke #noseenojen

♬ original sound – Mich Elena MO

In the end, the marriage proposal ended in the best way. Between applause and shouts, the happy couple hugged and kissed as a sign of the happiness they feel with the idea of ​​uniting their lives.

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