He went viral because of the anecdote of the reunion with his assailant

Being a victim of a robbery is perhaps one of the worst experiences that a human being can experience, since despite the fact that over time it may be something that can be assimilated, there are people for whom it is traumatizing and a fact that is difficult to deal with. forget, especially if the robber was carrying a weapon, either white or firearm.

However, depending on the circumstances, there are those who come to tell it as the most terrible and painful event of their lives, while there are others who today remember it as something funny, as well as this girl who went viral when telling the anecdote of the reunion he had with his assailant 10 years after the robbery.

girl recounting the time she met her assailant 10 years later

The woman who tells the story of her assault in a funny way is Lupita Villalobos, who, through a story time from TikTok that she shared in two parts, recounted the time she ran into the boy who assaulted her when she was a high school girl.

Giving context to why this event in her life tells, the girl assures that she remembered the assault because her cat Ximena scratched her and by not putting on cream, her arm was dry, almost almost like “The dry skin”, a nickname with which he referred to his assailant.

As narrated by Lupita, the robbery occurred in the city of Hermosillo, in the state of Sonora, Mexico. She and her friends from her high school met at Cerro de la Campana to do a school project when, out of nowhere, they were intercepted by several assailants.

When one of the robbers asked the tiktoker that he will get rid of his belongings, she could not help but see that the boy was not wearing a shirt and that he also had dry skin, something that caught her attention.

girl in her car making the sign as if she had a gun

After the assault, Lupita claims to have been very nervous, making it almost impossible for her to come down from the hill, a situation that led her to ask her assailant for help, who, shaking her hand, revealed a burn between her thumb and index finger. , a detail that the woman never forgot.

After 10 years of that event, Lupita says that her robber was found again, only this time, the young man was at a supermarket checkout and that she identified him due to the burn on his hand.

girl touching a part of her arm with her fingers

Making sure that it was actually the assailant, the woman did not want to remain in doubt and confronted him, asking him if he used to steal before, to which the young man, embarrassed, answered yes.

After talking about the anecdote that they both witnessed in that robbery, Alejandro, as the assailant is called, told Lupita that he was in jail, but now he has been working in the mall for three years and that he is the father of a girl, of which he even showed him some photos.

capture of a girl in her car talking an anecdote

The girl’s very peculiar and strange anecdote soon became popular on networks, where users were not only surprised by the way Lupita took it, but they were also amused by the way she talked about it.

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