his boss paid him the day

his boss paid him the day

When it comes to balancing work and family commitments, it helps to have an understanding boss: someone who won’t raise an eyebrow if you have to leave early for a school event or take a personal day to escort one of your parents to school. a medical appointment.

There are also those bosses who even allow you to take your children to work in case there is no one to look after them, like Tom Hartley, a 33-year-old man from Yorkshire, England, who had been looking for someone who take care of his six-year-old son Isaac, jokingly telling the little boy that he would have to take him to work with him.

Tom Hartley carrying his son Isaac

Surprised by how enthusiastic Isaac was about the suggestion, handyman Tom took it up with his boss, and the boss agreed with no problem, so he decided to take his son with him to work.

The little boy not only accompanied his father, but also helped him renovate an empty house. Father and son were surprised to receive an official letter from Tom’s boss, Spencer Wood, on company letterhead thanking the little boy for his “excellent job” and even giving him money for the work he had done: a £10 note, 13 dollars, approximately.

Spencer's Salary Letter to Isaac

I saw some photos of the work you did that day when you arrived and it was EXCELLENT! You worked so hard, so hard that you fell asleep in the van on the way home! Enclosed with this letter you will find your salary for work on Tuesday, February 8, 2022. Be sure to spend it wisely! It’s really important to work hard and focus on school now, but when you finish school in the future, it would be great if you would come and show us how good you can be at fixing up houses! Although only if you want, of course.

Little Isaac plans to spend his hard-earned salary on new fish for his tank and doesn’t talk about anything other than his day at work with his dad.

Isaac carrying a toolbox

Touched by his boss’s kindness, Tom mentioned that Isaac had loved the job so much that he kept asking when he could get a van to work on Ultralets with him and that he has told all his friends that he is going to work with his boss. father.

I was so surprised by the letter. I was very proud of my son and the company I work for because I believe that it is definitely the little things that make the difference.

Tom and Isaac carrying buckets of paint

After Tom posted the experience on Facebook, Spencer responded to the sweet comments that flooded his letter, commenting that someone had encouraged him to work when he was young, giving him the confidence to start his own business at 17.

Thirteen years later, I am lucky to have a prosperous company and this is my way of transmitting that encouragement I had. I would encourage everyone to do the same at every opportunity and help promote the next generation of workers and entrepreneurs!

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Written by Ashly le Roi

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