His three girlfriends attend his funeral

In the age of capturing everything, even the seemingly insignificant details become popular. In these times, my grandmother would say, it is not strange to find anecdotes like the one that went viral a few days ago, in which a man was joined by “ironing with drying”, not to say “cattle”, in the middle of a funeral .

This has always happened, of course, but it was kept under guard as an open secret or, in the best of cases, a secret that only reliable people and the deceased knew. Today we record or capture everything we see, as a kind of multimedia anecdote, so a young man saw the occasion and took advantage of it, to later share the tidbit with all of us who are, shall we say, “interested in information”.


Jorge Flores, our involuntary correspondent, shared in a TikTok video the moment in which a young man was being watched and three girls attended to honor him. However, and according to a note in the video, the three girls were girlfriends of the deceased!

In the clip you can see the coffin full of flowers and the three supposed brides crying and singing accompanied by a band that they took to the wake to say goodbye to the Don Juan. However, these images made us doubt the veracity of the dimension, since in the video, the girls not only live together, but also hug each other and even try to comfort each other.

funeral girls

That is why we believe that perhaps two of the girls were his girlfriends at some point in his life and one of them was the current one or that it is likely that if they were at the same time, they applied polyamory or perhaps they were experiencing early resignation and Getting angry didn’t matter, right?

Unfortunately, this is more common than it seems and many netizens shared it in their comments. There were some who said that the lovers came to the wake of their husbands, while others mentioned that their second family came to their parents’ funeral. In addition, in a comment we could also read “I would not pass that humiliation”.

girls fire their boyfriend

However, despite the commotion caused by this video, the user deleted it and we could no longer know if the anecdote was true or not, what is a fact is that we must always try to have our history clean, that is, that the only “cattle” we have is heaven. Whoops!

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