How cats help children develop reading skills

Have you ever read to your cat? Do you think this is stupid? Not at all, especially if your child is doing it. The Burks County Animal Shelter in Pennsylvania, USA, has proven that reading to cats is more than just fun.

Burks County Animal Rescue has a program called Book Friends, in which children in grades one through eighth come to the shelter and read books to … cats. Boys and girls enter the room where they can play with adorable cats while reading their favorite books. From these photos, it becomes clear that both children and cats enjoy spending time together.

1. Shelter workers claim that “the rhythmic sound of the voice soothes and relaxes cats,” and research from Tufts University supports this idea. Research has shown that the human-animal relationship can improve learning and make it more enjoyable and comfortable for children.

2. In the case of the Book Friends program, children read more readily when furry companions were nearby.

3. Her coordinator Christie Rodriguez was inspired by her 10-year-old son Sean to create the program.

4. When she noticed that Sean didn’t like to read, she took him to the animal shelter and soon realized that he would rather sit down to a book when there were cats around.

5. Obviously he liked the idea of ​​reading to cats so much that he wanted to go back and continue.

6. Sean is now encouraging other parents to bring their children to the shelter to participate in the program.

7. It seems that everyone benefits from this – both children and animals.






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