How to contour your face like a celebrity

The contour of the face is widely used by celebrities to highlight strengths and minimize weaknesses. It is simply the act of using light and dark colors in makeup to define the points of the face.

Where to apply illuminator on the face

The Illuminator is essential to highlight the positive points, where you want to illuminate your face and you can apply it in the center of the forehead extending the shine to the tip of the nose, you can put a little illuminator under the eyes extending to where the line begins of the nose. To make the lips bigger, apply a little illuminator on top of the “V” in the middle of the lips and a little on the chin as well. This way you will have a very illuminating face.

Where to apply the bronzer to define the face

To define the face you can use a bronzer or a powder with a darker tone than your skin. You can apply the bronzer on the sides of the forehead to the eyes, but remember: On the forehead the bronzer must be well mixed with the beginning of your hair. You can also mark the concave of the eyes extending to the sides of the nose, this way you narrow the nose. Never forget the neck, it is important to apply the outline on it too.

With these tips you will have a perfectly defined and contoured face.

Hey girls, what did you think? Tell us if you like to define your face or if you have any other tips.

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