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The time has come when absolutely all girls are preparing not only for corporate events and get-togethers with friends, but also for the main night of the year. Don’t be surprised that this process starts early. After all, it is necessary to analyze fashion trends and choose the most suitable outfit. What are New Year’s dresses in fashion? This is what we’ll talk about right now.

The current color of the dress for the New Year

Since the White Metallic Bull will become the symbol of 2021 and 2022, this largely determines the current color scheme for festive outfits. It is believed that in this way you can get the favor of the symbol of the year. First of all, we recommend paying attention to all shades of gray. Among them there are both neutral and more saturated tones. Therefore, you can choose the right option for every woman of fashion. The same goes for black and graphite. They have long been basic and look great both in everyday life and at events.

The next thing that deserves attention is light colors. Mostly we are talking about a dress of white, beige, cream, sand color, as well as a shade of champagne. Basically, these clothes look bright and are the perfect basis for creating a festive look. Lovers of more colorful holiday outfits will definitely love the metallic silver and gold. By choosing such options, you will definitely shine and attract the attention of others. But what else is needed on New Year’s Eve?

Separately, we note that for the New Year 2021 celebration, you should not choose red, as well as aggressive animal prints. This decision will definitely not like the symbol of the year. However, if you do not believe in horoscopes and similar restrictions, you can safely choose any outfit you like.

In what dress to celebrate the New Year 2021?

Before you go in search of the perfect dress, we recommend that you study the features of the most current models. This will significantly reduce the list of options, making the choice much easier.

Dress with puff sleeves

Dresses with an unusual shape of sleeves have become especially relevant this year. They can be made in the form of buds, flashlights, etc. Such details are central to a laconic look. Note that flying fabrics look best. This is the perfect solution for creating a gentle, romantic look. If you need to make it a little more strict, choose a dress made of fabric that keeps its shape.

Wrap dress

For several years now, the wrap dress has become one of the elements of the basic wardrobe. It is chosen for its versatility. As for celebrating the New Year, this event requires more original models. Pay attention to velvet or satin products. Complete the look with beautiful shoes, a handbag and other accessories.

Plunge cut dress

Dresses with a deep neckline look really elegant. A combination of femininity and sexuality without the slightest hint of vulgarity. Such dresses always require a careful study of the image. Stylists point out that absolutely all details should be laconic. This is the main guarantee of the success of this image.

Puff hem dress

Every girl dreams of feeling like a princess at least once in her life. New Year 2021 is the perfect occasion for such experiments. Do not deny yourself the opportunity to wear something more original and festive than a laconic dress. Pay attention to curvy models with lots of chiffon, lace or silk inserts. The most delicate image will be with a dress in light shades. As for the rest of the details, they should not be too active. Since a dress with a fluffy hem will be the main accent in the New Year’s look.

Lingerie style dress

Probably every fashionista has a lingerie-style dress. This is the very trend that quickly gained its popularity. Interestingly, this option is appropriate in almost any situation, including for celebrating the New Year. If desired, you can beat him with a jacket. But in any case, this outfit will look great.

Jacket dress

This style of dress is predominantly chosen by show business stars. This is because such models are quite restrained, but at the same time they can emphasize femininity and delicacy. Much depends on the chosen length and shape of the product as a whole.

Pleated dress

Pleated dresses were especially popular last year. This year, the trend has not changed and this option can be purchased for the main night of the year. Please note that the models may look very different now. It all depends on the length and shape of the sleeves and hem, as well as the amount of pleating. In any case, in the selection process, you should focus on the features of your figure and personal preferences. After all, you should be comfortable in such an outfit.

Asymmetrical dress Despite the variety of models presented, many of them have a similar shape. If you want to create a more sophisticated and unusual look, feel free to choose an asymmetrical dress. Basically, such options are quite restrained, but at the same time emphasize sexuality. Therefore, the rest of the image should be neutral, including makeup and hair.

Dresses with an asymmetrical hem look quite interesting. This detail always adds a touch of playfulness to the image. It is interesting that the dresses themselves can be not only laconic, but also flowing, pleated. Each of the options is perfect for New Year’s Eve.

How to choose the perfect shoes for New Year 2021?

As stated above, a festive look creates a lot of detail. And shoes play an important role in it. First of all, we recommend you to be guided by the style of the dress. These can be shoes, sandals, mules and more. Do not forget that the shoes must be comfortable, because the celebration will last at least a few hours. But if you are looking for a versatile option that will fit anyway, look for pumps in a neutral shade.

Creating a festive New Year’s look is a pleasant experience that every fashionista will definitely like. Decide on the styles that suit you best and then the selection process will not take too long.

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