How to put together outfits tips and stylish looks with simple clothing

Who has never stopped to try to analyze the looks of fashionistas who are considered super stylish? If you look closely, you can see that the combinations do not always require the use of pieces that are extremely bold and different. A little creativity when putting the pieces together is the big secret.

It is possible to create beautiful looks with pieces that are considered basic and timeless, such as jeans, whatever the model, and plain or printed t-shirts or shirts. Printed or plain dresses with jackets of different models also enter our list of basic pieces.

To help you get inspired and also make better use of the basic pieces you already have in your wardrobe, we created a selection with 6 ideas for stylish and modern looks.

Jeans and t-shirts

The look is basic and democratic, besides said it meets different occasions. The t-shirt can be with fun prints or plain. If you choose the second option, the tip is to invest in accessories, such as a colorful maxi-necklace, a hat, a scarf or also a cool bag.

Printed dress

The light dresses with floral summer prints are a key piece in your wardrobe. It is possible to use them in the hottest season with a flat shoe, which leaves your feet fresh and comfortable, thus creating a more romantic look. And on cooler days, wear the dress with a leather jacket. The contrast of the two pieces creates a look full of personality.

Flare pants and shirt

This combination is simple and easy to replicate. The look is elegant and modern, and serves for several occasions. The tip to make the look more stylish is to put the front of the shirt into the pants, or just one side, and button up the sleeves. Oh, and I don’t forget the accessories!

Boyfriend shorts

The wider boyfriend style shorts are a stripped-down piece that goes really well with simpler and more classic pieces, like knitting, satin blouses or sleeveless shirts. The model combined with these options creates a tidy look, even if it is informal.

Printed skirt and t-shirts

A simple look with a key piece, the skirt. The secret of this combination will be the way the shirt will fit with the printed skirt. It can be putting the t-shit in, out or making a little one on the side. And if you want to refine the look more, invest in more elegant accessories.

Sneakers and dresses or skirts

Forget that old concept that sneakers can only be used in the gym or during physical activities. The shoe fits super well with various looks and can be used with dresses and skirts, in addition to its already traditional use with shorts and pants.

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