How to wear a visor ?

The visor is the star headgear of sportsmen (especially tennismen/women) but also the whole spirit of the 90s! This cap, equipped with a visor, simply goes around your head leaving your scalp exposed. Deciphering a sportswear trend.

A visor, but in what material?

Plastic has long been the material used for visors. With a variant in sponge for sportsmen. Today, the materials are more ecological and chic with visors in raffia and straw. And even if the plastic is still required to keep the 90’s spirit, it is more glamorous!

Wear the visor on loose hair

The visor protects your eyes and forehead, but it’s not meant to hide your hair, so there’s no question of skipping the styling part. Especially since it doesn’t require much work! Leave your hair soft or curly and draw a nice parting in the middle. All that’s left to do is put on your visor, making sure to push it down on your head so that the visor sits in the middle of your forehead. Do not hesitate to apply a serum on your hair to bring shine.

Wear the visor on tied hair

The visor evokes a casual and sporty look without being too casual. So don’t go for a too sophisticated or complicated hair tie. Instead, go for a high ponytail on straight hair and for more romance think about braiding your ponytail if you have enough length! Spray a veil of hairspray so that no hair sticks out.

The right look to adopt

For a sporty chic look, opt for pleated mini skirts, high-waisted shorts, open-toe heels and loose tops. To play the 90’s revival card, opt for a slim fit and flat shoes with a sweater for the top while focusing on trendy details like openwork lace. Finally for a girly look, bet on a visor with soft colors and fall for a dress with tropical or pastel print.


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