How to wear rings on multiple fingers: Wear many, many rings on your hands

Is it possible to achieve balance with a tendency to excess? We’ve compiled the images you need to see to clarify your thoughts on the matter.

Option 1: Romantic

The trick: insert small (but very small) rhinestones and make a nude manicure almost imperceptible. Do not wear more than two rings on the same hand.

Option 2: Elegant

The trick: combine a large piece with other thin ones. Wear the first one on your pinky finger for a chicer result.

Option 3: Rock and Roll

The trick: if you want a stronger visual impact, mix gold pieces with silver ones and combine different sizes.

Option 4: Minimalist

The trick: If you hate to make your hand look cluttered, but you like to wear lots of rings, wear the same model in different sizes. Phalange rings always work in this regard, as they produce a very delicate effect.

Option 5: Boho

The trick: colored stones are your best allies. Combine them with other silver or gold models, and some bracelets. The more, but well chosen, the better.

Option 6: Sophisticated

The trick: gold pieces and a red manicure. This duo captures all the light and by extension, all the attention (no matter what else you’re wearing at the time).

Option 7: Delicate

The trick: wear the same model (in different sizes) on several fingers. The thinner the rings, the more delicate you’ll feel.

Option 8: Tomboy

The trick: lots of rings, but very simple, and all plated in silver tones. For some strange reason, this combination produces a “masculine” effect. Add a white cotton T-shirt and you get the ultimate tomboy look.

Option 9: Teenage Dream

The trick: introduce shapes and words. A heart, ‘love’, a little arrow, a precious stone…. Your rings have to send a message to the world.

Option 10: Functional

The trick: double models, like this one from Balenciaga, are the perfect solution if you don’t feel comfortable wearing more than one ring on the same hand.

What do you think?

Written by Ashly le Roi

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