Ideas of types of long dresses to wear this summer

Without a doubt, the dresses are a must in summer because they keep us cool during the day or night. However, sometimes, in this season, the rains begin and both the mosquitoes and the air become our worst enemies, which is why many prefer to use jeans or baggy pants.

Fortunately, there are long dresses, which are the best option to be comfortable and feel safe, since it is very difficult for the air to lift them. In addition, they offer a barrier to avoid being baited by mosquitoes. Here we show you 10 beautiful long dresses that are the perfect option to wear this summer and not die trying.

1. Casual and fresh

long green dress

2. No print and elegant

long pink dress

3. With neckline

boho dress with neckline

4. For a hot afternoon

long red dress

5. With colored lines

dress with lines

6. A little tight to the body

casual long dress

7. Very chic with your Converse

animal print dress

8. White with embroidery

casual white dress

9. With flowers

long floral dress

10. And why not? With belt and hat

long belted dress

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