Immigrant couple manages to start their own bakery in Chile

Far from their country of origin and often from their loved ones, the life of an immigrant is usually hard and very sad, because starting from scratch in an unknown country, without work and without knowing anyone is not easy.

That is why there are stories of immigrants who have managed to emerge victorious from the most difficult challenges that fill us with pride due to their inner strength and resilience. As well as that of a Venezuelan family that managed to fulfill their dream in a country completely foreign to theirs.

They had to leave their country in search of a better life

José and his wife selling bread

Like so many families around the world, the Campos Pacheco family had to leave their native Venezuela to migrate to Santiago de Chile in search of a better life, far from the terrible humanitarian crisis suffered by millions of Venezuelans.

Although they were difficult years, José and his wife (who preferred to remain anonymous) had very clear objectives and discovered how to set up their own business taking advantage of the delicious gastronomy of their land and their previous knowledge in the preparation of various delicacies, especially the Venezuelan golfeado, a typical sweet bread from Venezuela, originally from the capital region of the country.

José Campos showing a tray of bread

The Santiago subway was the point of sale that the enterprising couple chose to delight the palates of Chileans who were delighted with the product, so much so that they began to receive orders for parties and meetings. Sales grew little by little, which allowed them to open the bakery of their dreams: Golfeado Manía, a suitable and formalized place to sell their products without the improvisation of a subway station.

When we arrived in Chile, the reality of life imposed itself on us. It was difficult, but thanks to our resilience and the loyalty of our customers conquered one by one in the Santiago metro, we managed to generate income and improve our lives. Dreams can only be realized when we work hard to make them come true.

– Joseph

a resounding success

Bakery Golfed Mania

Like most immigrants from Venezuela, José and his family had to reinvent themselves to support their household. In the end, their willingness and desire to change in the midst of a difficult situation paid off and the new family business ensured financial independence and prosperity for the couple, who have a young son who attends school.

In the words of the Campos Pacheco family, the bakery is “under constant construction” and they consider that there is still a long way to go before it is exactly as they imagined it, but they work hard to continue consolidating their dreams and thank the Chilean community for the warm welcome that has given not only to its delicious products, but to a family that has been able to demonstrate that the genuine desire to get ahead is the engine that leads to success. Congratulations for the Campos Pacheco family!

José Campos and his wife outside their Golfeado Manía bakery

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