In his first week, King Carlos III fires 100 employees

After his accession to the throne, King Charles III caused surprise after the announcement of the dismissal of a hundred employees of Clarence House, in the city of Westminster, London, United Kingdom.

The new monarch, who inherited the crown after the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, will have to leave his residence at Clarence House, where he has lived for several decades, to settle in the official residence of the British monarchy, the Palace of Buckingham.

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As reported Guardian, On September 12, dozens of employees, some of whom had worked there for years, received their dismissal letters while the religious ceremony of “thanksgiving” was officiated before the coffin of Elizabeth II, in the cathedral of St. Giles in Edinburgh, Scotland.

In an interview for AFP, a spokesman for the former residence of King Carlos III stated that its operations had ceased, so only a small number of staff members who provide support to Carlos and Camila will remain in their posts.

King Carlos III and Camila

Meanwhile, there are those who claim that the contract of those who work in the residence was linked to the fate of Carlos and, therefore, foresaw the risk of being fired once his role was changed at the death of Queen Elizabeth II, as happened.

However, the Union of Public and Commercial Services, the most important in the United Kingdom, strongly criticized the decision to announce the dismissals during the period of mourning.

Clarence House

While some changes were expected as roles within the royal family evolve, the scale and speed with which they were announced is extremely ruthless.

– Mark Serwotka, union general secretary

As noted Guardian, Initially, the royal services wanted to delay announcing the redundancies until after Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, but following legal advice, it was decided to inform the staff as soon as possible.

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However, according to royal sources, employees who are laid off are expected to be offered the opportunity to take alternative employment at all royal residences, assistance in finding new outside jobs, as well as “enhanced” severance pay. higher than the legal minimum.

A few days after his accession to the throne, the new king has already managed to collect a shower of criticism. First, for the angry way in which he addressed one of his servants during the signing of protocol documents, followed by a tantrum after staining his hand with ink when signing the visitors’ book of Hillsborough Castle and now for firing his employees from confidence.

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The impression of the specialists is that these behaviors do nothing more than reduce his popularity with the British people. In the meantime, once the media attention for the queen’s funeral ends, the sovereign will have to get used to the controversy over him.

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