Influencer asks for a donation to buy a luxury for his dog

After the influencer Argentinian Santi Maratea published a video where he suggested a collection of money in order to buy Gucci brand leashes for his dogs, has caused great controversy on social networks.

According to the media The nationthe user @santimaratea has already carried out different initiatives to raise funds and allocate them to people or organizations that need it, it is even understood that he managed to collect a significant amount of money for the reconstruction of the Gondolín Hotel in Villa Crespo, which previously suffered an attack against the LGBT+ community.

santi maratea

However, his most recent initiative does not correspond to altruistic work and he himself has recognized it on his social networks. Because of this, Internet users reacted, since the cost of each of the leashes that the young man intends to buy for his pet has an estimated value of 200 dollars.

In the clip that he published on his networks, the young man assured that the myth that “solidarity has to be related to austerity” must be broken and that if he does not give a donation, he can spend it on what he wanted, like this be for a luxury for your dogs.

santi maratea influencer

You know, when I finish a collection, I ‘pass the hat.’ The one who wants puts, the one who doesn’t want doesn’t. I generally use the money I collect to buy silly, frivolous things that have nothing to do with solidarity. I want to buy my dogs Gucci collars and leashes. Gucci brought out dog stuff and I said, ‘Are my dogs going to walk around in a vet with a normal collar like this?’ Obviously not, they’re going to have her Gucci necklace.

Despite the criticism and debates that arose as a result of this video, Santi told his followers that anyone who likes can make donations from 100 or 200 Argentine pesos, the equivalent of approximately one dollar.

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