Influencers visit Chernobyl to take photos on site

Regarded as the most disastrous nuclear power plant accident in history, both in terms of casualties and economic costs, the so-called Chernobyl disaster, which occurred on April 26, 1986, has become, following the appearance of the Serie Chernobyl of the HBO television system, in an attraction for influencers of social networks.

Without the necessary protection to visit the various areas of the perimeter affected by radiation from the explosion of the RBMK nuclear reactor, young tourists pose either next to the Pripyat plant, located in northern Ukraine, which at that time was part of the Soviet Union (USSR); along with animals from the area or even some residents who at the time had nowhere to go and remained in the place despite everything.

A young blond man poses by the side of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, shows a radiation meter and holds his neck with his hand.

Due to the fact that surely most of these adventurous network users were not even alive when the fatal accident occurred that has cost -yet- thousands of lives, today the discussion on the network is focused on whether their strategy of visiting and exhibiting in different Chernobyl sites is disrespectful to those who suffered – or continue to suffer – the consequences of the disaster.

Fukushima, in Japan in 2011, and Chernobyl are considered to be the only two nuclear power accidents classified as “serious accident level”, according to the International Nuclear Event Scale, and despite the fact that the total number of victims remains a undetermined issue, the United Nations Organization estimates that radiation killed four thousand people; while Greenpeace reports up to 200 thousand cases.

Because of these numbers, serious if they are one or the other, the discussion about the new rise of Chernobyl, caused by the series of five chapters that deals with the explosion of reactor 4 of the plant located in Pripyat, has been so controversial.

three hands with bracelets that say Chernobyl which are used by tourists who go to the place

And although today Chernobyl and its surroundings can be visited through scheduled visits guided by specialized agencies, the 2,600 kilometers evacuated due to the nuclear accident, as well as the people and animals that still live there, continue to suffer consequences of the radiation.

In the exclusion zone, tourists must even wear special anti-radiation masks or suits, in addition to carrying radiation meters. At the end of the tour, visitors go through a scanner to make sure they have not been contaminated, rules that -apparently- judging by the photographs that visitors influencers share in their accounts, have been omitted as the seriousness of the event and its consequences are ignored.

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