It shows what ‘Mario Kart’ would be like with songs by Luis Miguel

Mario Kart It is one of the most popular and played videogames of all time, which is why it has marked more than one generation with its peculiar races but, above all, because of the catchy sounds with which each track is set.

If you thought that the soundtrack of the famous video game developed by Nintendo could not fit better with the environment and the characters, you were wrong, since a tiktoker discovered that the songs of Luis Miguel work perfectly in the races of Mario Kart.

Mario Kart 8 video game cover

The artist behind this genius is Alekz Limas, a content creator originally from Puerto Rico, who assures that when listening to the intro of the video game mario kart wiihe realized that the sound was quite similar to a part of the song Smoothby the singer Luis Miguel, so, with the help of an editing program, he compared both sounds and concluded that they were very similar.

Based on that, he wondered what would happen if he adapted other songs by the artist with some tracks from the video game, so he did not hesitate to do so and began to try some songs like Smooth, When the sun heats, Come back Y Love loveto name the most popular.

The incredible way in which he adapts the songs of the performer known as “El Sol de México” has captivated users of the short video platform, who have gone crazy trying to play more than one game listening to one play list by Luis Miguel.

With a couple of videos in which, at the request of some netizens, he has removed the lyrics of the song, leaving the pure track, Alekz’s recordings have become popular on TikTok, where people have given him thousands of views, likes and comments congratulating him on his clever idea.

So if you were thinking of organizing a video game afternoon, it would be a good idea to try some games of Mario Kart with songs by “Luismi” as background.

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