JK Rowling stars in controversy for criticizing neutral bathrooms

A widely debated topic today is that of gender transition, since this is where doubts and questions arise about the “new” identity of those who undergo this process. There is no way to address the issue without a lot of uninformed people coming out to debate, so a large part of the “opinions” are statements of hate that do not contribute anything new.

An endless number of celebrities join this phenomenon of giving opinions without investigating, but the owner and mistress of this act is, without a doubt, J. K Rowling. For several years now, the acclaimed author of the successful book series Harry Potter He has starred in a large number of controversies as a result of his worrying statements against the transgender community.

JK Rowling is criticized for transphobic message

This time he used his networks to react to a TikTok video, where a drag queen showing the new neutral bathrooms of the Faculty of Philosophy of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

It is worth mentioning that these bathrooms were built as a result of the attacks against the trans community, as they were constantly attacked by women who protested against sharing bathrooms with them. For this reason, the university decided to create the relevant spaces so that students could develop their free identity in a respectful manner.

Rowling, surely without knowing everything that is behind said initiative, chose to play the card she always plays and use machismo and violence in Mexico to validate her transphobic discourse when in other instances, the subject does not interest her or has shown any class support.

On the other side of the story, death and rape threats are scrawled inside the bathroom of the students in Mexico. Male violence against women in Mexico is among the highest in the world.

Given this, many people pointed out how dangerous it is to disguise hate speech as freedom of expression, something that coming from a celebrity with Rowling’s reach is highly threatening. In addition, comments from UNAM students came to light stating that they have been in danger of abuse long before there were neutral bathrooms, a situation for which there are emergency buttons in the toilets.

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