Johnny Depp is dating a lawyer, but it’s not Camille Vasquez

After the strong exposure that Johnny Depp had when facing his ex Amber Heard in court, without losing detail, we followed the transmission of everything that was happening, longing for justice to be served in this controversial case.

During the trial, a woman who caught not only our attention, but that of all the spotlights, was the brilliant lawyer of the 59-year-old actor’s defense team, Camille Vasquez, who on more than one occasion we suspected could exist. a romantic interest between her and her client.

Johnny Depp with Camila Vasquez

But apparently we were wrong, because it has been revealed that the woman who stole the heart of the star of Dark Shadows yes she is a lawyer, but she is Joelle Rich, the British defender who represented him in the United Kingdom when Depp filed a defamation lawsuit against the newspaper The Sun.

Although on that occasion Johnny was the loser, no one would suspect that what would come out victorious would be the love of his lawyer, since it is rumored that Rich was married when he met the protagonist of the saga of Pirates of the Caribbean. However, they comment that later she separated from her husband, later starting the divorce proceedings from the father of her children.

Johnny Depp with Joelle Rich

Something that the media does not agree on is whether the relationship that the actor has started with Rich is formal or not, since some media outlets say that according to their sources “they are very serious”, while others, What Peopleaffirm that their informant tells them that this is not the case.

They’re dating, but it’s not serious.

Johnny Depp with Joelle Rich

As always, time will be in charge of giving us the answer and knowing whether or not Johnny Depp managed to rebuild his life as a couple.

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