Joseph Quinn meets Metallica and plays with them in concert

The legendary rock band Metallica has a new honorary member and it is none other than Joseph Quinn, aka Eddie Munson, from stranger things.

Before his death, Eddie managed to bring to life one of the most beautiful, intense and rock moments ever seen in the famous Show from Netflix. the execution of Master of Puppets, of Metallica, in the Upside Down has become, possibly, the most iconic scene of the entire fourth season of stranger things.

Joseph Quinn Stranger Things

After mentioning him in a couple of videos and paying tribute to him on stage, the iconic band finally not only met Joseph Quinn, they played together and presented him with an autographed guitar! We tell you.

After the enormous success of the scene at the end of the fourth season of stranger thingsthe band met with the actor on the occasion of the American festival Lollapalooza 2022, held on July 28.

Metallica and Joseph Quinn

We call to order for the most metal gathering of ‘The Hellfire Club’.

The memorable moment took place on the backstage of Metallica, who headlined one of the shows main during the first day of the festival. In a video shared on the band’s official Instagram account and Netflix social media, Joseph took viewers with him as he met the iconic group of thrash metal.

Metallica and Joseph Quinn

The rock legends spoke with the British actor and explained their connection to the series created by the brothers Matt and Ross Duffer, showing us that the admiration is mutual, because in the clip, James Hetfield, leader of the group, confesses to Joseph that he is a “big fan” of the Netflix series, which he has followed since the first season with his children:

For my children and for me it has been a very unifying experience.

Metallica and Joseph Quinn

For his part, Joseph said he felt connected to the group after hearing Master of Puppets for two years, as part of his preparation to play the magnificent scene of stranger things.

After the chat, bassist Robert Trujillo invited Joseph, who has been playing guitar since childhood, to join them at the backstage and perform the 1986 hit.

I’m a little rusty, so I might need to take some lessons.

-Joseph Quinn

Metallica and Joseph Quinn

However, Joseph proved otherwise, as he was able to touch Master of Puppets with Metallica in an exceptional way, so much so that the group was impressed with his interpretation. Finally, the members gave him an autographed BC Rich guitar, just like the one used by Eddie Munson in stranger thingsas well as passes to each band event.

During their performance, Metallica performed Master of Puppets live, at Lollapalooza, with a montage of the scene thrash of Eddie Munson playing on the screens. Since the beginning of July, the song has remained in the Top 100 of Billboard.

Guitar autographed by Metallica for Joseph Quinn

Speaking of this epic encounter, Joseph Quinn told Netflix Tudum:

It was incredible! There aren’t many opportunities to play ‘Master of Puppets’ with the most iconic metal band of all time. It is a story I will tell my grandchildren.

Enjoy the epic coexistence of Metallica and Joseph Quinn below:

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