King Carlos lll was angry because he stained ink with a pen

From the first moment in which he was proclaimed king of the United Kingdom, Carlos III noted his angry temperament and the ease with which he loses patience in any situation, because after being named monarch, the son of the deceased Elizabeth II became viral due to the furious gesture with which he asked his assistants to move things from his desk to sign the protocol documents.

After this action, everyone verified that Carlos has his character and that he should be treated very delicately, practically with tweezers, in case of not wanting to unleash the fury and annoyance of “His Majesty”, who, by the way, is not the most loved by the British people, since their monarchy only has 40 percent approval.

However, that was only his first disappointment after being proclaimed sovereign of the United Kingdom, since a recording in which Carlos III starred in his second tantrum just went viral. Four days into his reign, during a signing at Hillsborough Castle near Belfast, the king became upset after staining his hand with ink from a ballpoint pen.

The recording emerged during his visit to Hillsborough Castle, when sitting down to sign the visitors’ book, he first got angry about getting the date wrong, as it was the 13th and he wrote “September 12”. After signing the book and before giving the pen to his wife Camila, he was upset, Carlos notices that he covered his hand with ink, expressing that he hates when that happens.

King Charles III signing the guest book at Hillsborough Castle, near Belfast

After getting up from the chair, furious, he gives way to the queen consort, who would also sign the book. Camila, turning to the king to pass her a handkerchief to clean the pen, the monarch uses it to clean his finger and leaves her with her hand outstretched.

Due to the rude act of the king, one of the servants approached Camila and cleaned the pen so that she could use it, all this while Carlos III was still upset and complaining because his assistants are getting worse and worse.

Is today September 12? Oh my God! I got the date wrong. 13? Oh God! I hate this!

I can’t stand this f*cking thing! What they do every time… Sucks!

– King Charles III

After expressing his anger, accompanied by one of his assistants, the king leaves the room to continue with the tour, leaving his wife to sign the guest book.

Carlos III gets angry for staining his hand with ink from a ballpoint pen

The compulsive character and the actions that the British monarch has manifested have worried not only the media, but also users who assure that this could cause some problems in his reign and less approval from the English.

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