Kiss Cam captures alleged infidelity in a soccer game

If there is something very characteristic of sporting events, it is the famous Kiss Cam, that popular live recording that is shared on televisions inside the facilities, which is characterized by focusing on couples, in order for them to show their love with a kiss.

Although for many being captured on camera becomes a fortune and they go crazy to give each other the best of kisses, for others it is not so much, either because they do not like to appear on the screen or because they are caught. red-handed And they didn’t want to be seen.

kiss cam capturing a couple in a soccer game

This was the case of this couple, who was captured by the Kiss Cam during a match of the Colombian Soccer League, but the woman’s reaction left much to be desired, as it is believed that they were captured in an alleged infidelity.

The incident occurred at half time of the match played between Junior de Barranquilla against Atlético Nacional de Medellín, at which time the camera pointed directly at a romantic couple who did everything except kiss.

What most caught the attention of the users and, probably, of those present was the strange reaction of the girl, because realizing that they were being recorded, the man takes a drink from his bottle of water, while she turns around Immediately, he writes on his cell phone and covers his face with one hand.

While the young woman looks worried about having been exposed, the man looks very calm and even seems to have taken it in the best way, so he smiles at the reaction of his supposed “girlfriend”.

kiss cam records an alleged infidelity in the middle of a football match

The video soon went viral on networks, where a debate of divided opinions was generated among users, who did not take long to assimilate that it was infidelity, while a few others defended the position that perhaps they do not like to appear in public .

So far it is unknown if it is actually an infidelity, the only thing that was quite clear to us is that this couple does not like to show their affection in public.

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