Lady Gaga could play Harley Quinn in ‘Joker 2’

Since the American director Todd Phillips confirmed the sequel to the successful film jokerthe fans have not stopped being aware of each new detail that arises around this new installment, so the information was recently leaked that it is possible that this second part is a musical and the best of all is that Lady Gaga could bring the new Harley Quinn to life.

According to information published in an article on The Hollywood Reporter site, Philips is already in talks with the interpreter of bad-romancein order for her to star as the Joker’s famous companion of madness.

Photograph of the singer Lady Gaga

Despite the fact that in the publication, the director did not give more details of the plot or the cast, the followers assumed that Joaquin Phoenix will play Arthur Fleck again. Although at the moment his participation has not been confirmed, the photo of the actor reading the script says it all.

The details of the actors who will be part of the cast of Joker: Folie a Deux they are still a mystery. What is also unknown is whether the sequel will talk about the origin of the Arkham Asylum psychiatrist who falls in love with the Joker, but what several sources have confirmed is that Warner’s new project will be a musical.

Joaquín Phoenix characterized as his character the joker in the Joker movie

This would be the perfect role for the singer Lady Gaga, who would not only be the new Harley Quinn, but would also show us a completely different version of what the character played by Margot Robbie has presented us in the tapes of the suicide squad.

So far there is little information about the sequel, it only remains to wait for DC Comics or Phillips to reveal more details, such as the final cast or the release date of the film, which is currently in its pre-production stage. What is a fact is that the fans They can’t wait to see this iconic character on the big screen again.

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