Luca Marchesi, the model that surprises with his jaw

Italian model Luca Marchesi caught the attention of thousands of netizens by sharing images of his incredible transformation after years of doing “jaw exercises.”

The before and after is so amazing that some users claim that it is all a Photoshop trick, or a poorly performed plastic surgery, since the result does not seem to be to the public’s liking.

Luca has become the self-proclaimed “CEO of the jaw” for sharing his jaw exercise routine with his thousands of followers on social media, sites where he also shares before and after pictures.

Despite the fact that he has been active on the internet for several years, it has been a video on TikTok that has attracted the attention of locals and strangers, who have questioned his physical change, since they assure that it was not even necessary, because his face was always too fine and cute.

Luca Marchesi, the Italian model who surprises on TikTok for his prominent jaw

Some users have questioned the veracity of the images, as they believe that it is actually an edition in Photoshop, some filter or even plastic surgery, something that Luca has denied saying that he has been exercising for years with a device known as jawliner that strengthens the jaw muscles and outlines the face.

Despite clarifying the situation and showing that everything is real, Luca has received so much hate Due to his physical appearance, he has been forced to close his TikTok account. In addition, he deleted most of his photos on Instagram, the only social network that he keeps active.

I wanted to make a short announcement. I intend to close this TikTok account. I feel sorry for everyone who follows me, but at this point of every five comments I receive, four are insults or criticism. We have fun together, but there is no point in continuing.

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