Man abandoned his son when he found out he is not his father

Every parent finds it impossible to forget their little offspring at school. However, there are parents so clueless that it has happened to them on more than one occasion, but in no way would they be able to abandon them at school and leave them to their fate.

Although you would think that there is no one capable of doing something as cruel as completely disregarding a child, this man in China shows us that there is always a first time and surprised everyone by abandoning his five-year-old in kindergarten after learning that he was not her biological father.

boy on his back sitting on the floor

The incident occurred in the province of Guangxi, in southern China, where, according to the South China Morning Post site, the boy identified under the pseudonym Xiao Rui was abandoned by his father, who left him in kindergarten like any other day, he didn’t come back for it and when contacted by the school he said he didn’t want it back.

According to what was said by Master Chen, the boy’s teacher, the father enrolled Rui in school in April and was in charge of taking him and picking him up every school day.

comparison image showing a child in China who was abandoned by his father

However, the teacher commented that one day, Rui’s father assured him that he would not return for the child, since after taking a paternity test and seeing that the result was negative, the man said that it was no longer his problem. , so he decided to leave it in the hands of the school.

When dismissal time came and they did not pick up Xiao Rui, the teacher realized that he had clothes and a cell phone in the backpack, so he immediately contacted the boy’s family, who He refused to pick it up.

boy playing with his tricycle in the playground of a Kindergarten in China

With the help of the local police, the kindergarten authorities contacted the abandoned boy’s grandfather and uncle, but both refused to take the boy, so they had no choice but to go to the house where Rui was supposed to live, but To their surprise, they found the house empty.

At the moment the whereabouts of the child’s mother are unknown, so the hope of the authorities and school staff is that she picks up her son, since in the event that the woman refuses to raise him , you would be committing a crime for which you could go to prison for up to five years.

little boy standing outside a school

Xiao Rui’s news has caused outrage and shock both in China and on social networks, where the notes have been filled with comments from users who, moved by the child’s sad situation, have repudiated the irresponsible behavior of bad parents.

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