Man installs air conditioning in his dog’s house

Although in various parts of the world it is already autumn and the cold is beginning to do its thing. In other extremes, such as Brazil, the heat does not give its inhabitants respite, with puppies being the most affected, since they do not have spaces with the necessary requirements to stay cool or away from the sun’s rays.

This is precisely what led Wyomar Ramos, owner of a German shepherd dog, to install a small but very refreshing air conditioner inside his pet’s house. His ingenuity and the way he pampers his best friend went viral in just a few hours.

And the most spoiled dog is…

Man with his pet;  owner installs air conditioning in his dog's house

In Brazil there are areas that exceed 50 degrees Celsius even in the shade. Wyomar says that one day when he got home from work, he noticed with concern that Hana, her German shepherd dog, was very restless.

At that time, he checked if there was any food or water missing, but everything was in correct condition. He even took her for a walk, but she was still restless. At that point he opted to give her a bath and Hana calmed down. Wyomar realized immediately that Hana’s anxiety stemmed from the heat sweeping through the city and to which he, too, was a victim.

I gave her water, food and took her for a walk, but she was still the same. I hooked up the hose and gave her a bath. Hana was super happy. Then I understood that the problem was the heat.

He doesn’t want any heat

Man with his dog;  owner puts air conditioning in his dog's house

At that time, Wyomar had the unusual but wise idea of ​​installing a small air conditioner inside Hana’s house, which is very exposed to the sun.

His wife resisted being part of the idea because it seemed unusual, but ended up joining the plan. Wyomar took about seven days to install, but the result was worth it. Now Hana stays cool and no longer suffers from hot flashes or fidgets.

Your idea will be replicated by others


She has asked if the electricity bill was not going to be very high. Well, it has come more expensive, but we also have to remember that the energy has increased in recent times. I think this is not a problem. You can save in other ways: turn off the light bulbs, turn off the television.

On the other hand, Wyomar and his wife shared their story on networks with the intention of motivating others to do the same and it immediately went viral, receiving messages of praise, support and some guidance questions to replicate the idea.

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