Man who left his wife for Ukrainian is bankrupt

Remember Tony Garnett? Tony is originally from the UK and became very popular all over the world because he fell madly in love with the Ukrainian refugee Sofiia Karkadym and within 10 days of meeting her, he ran away with her, abandoning her wife and her children.

Tony and Lorna, his ex-wife, decided to give this girl shelter because of the difficulties their country is experiencing as a result of the Russian invasion. However, as the days passed, Lorna realized that something was happening between the two of them. For this reason, she determined that Sofia had to leave her house and the man started next to her.

Tony and Sofia

After the commotion that this love story caused, at the moment, the couple is in a difficult episode because when they became popular, the security company that Tony was in charge of began to lose contracts, therefore, his economic situation is not the best.

He used to have a very successful business. I have dedicated myself to it, some weeks I dedicate more than 80 hours a week. From time to time I send door staff to pubs and clubs, but I went from earning almost two thousand pounds a week to earning nothing.

Garnett and Ukrainian

As if that were not enough, Tony revealed that Sofiia became seriously ill after contracting an eye infection that has left her partially blind and he is the one who bears the responsibility of working and supporting both of them. In addition, he is in charge of the health of the Ukrainian, since she will need six months to recover after an operation that they will do in England.

It is important to note that as soon as her love situation became viral, Sofiia began to receive attacks on social networks by Internet users, accusing her of having destroyed the family. However, there are also those who show her support by considering that the girl did not act maliciously.

Tony and Sofia couple

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