Masons use lamp post as a column to build a house

One of the qualities of living in Latin America is that incredibly surreal situations occur constantly. This is why we are happy to live in this beautiful region, because the things that happen seem to be orchestrated by a superior force, which we cannot understand.

Part of the daily dose of Latin strangeness is the offbeat architecture. Something like the glass around the houses or the windows with tarps from political parties. Basically, we refer to the use of all kinds of materials to improve the home, although it is not always the most aesthetic.

They build a house using a light pole as a column

That is why in this chapter of exotic architecture we have the creation of some masons from the Dominican Republic, who decided to use a light pole as a column to build a house. The pillar served to support two floors of the construction and still had almost a third left over.

The funny (and dangerous) event was recorded by two women who were traveling in their car, who, observing the curious construction, stopped in astonishment to try to understand what they had in front of them. Once they were sure the pole was exactly what they thought it was, they couldn’t help but laugh.

Gentlemen, this is incredible. Look, the column in that house is a light pole. They hung from the light pole. Oh Lord. That is improvising.

As if that were not enough, the transformer of the light pole was practically resting on the roof of the home, as well as several cables. Regardless of how unsafe it was to build that way, the owners decided to go ahead with the project, so now they have no choice but to live with the danger of an electric shock or the pole not being strong enough to hold up. the house standing.

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