Mau Nieto sued the young woman who accused him of sexual abuse

After being denounced and accused of allegedly abusing the producer Melissa Yamel, the comedian Mau Nieto reappeared on his social networks and posted a video on his Instagram account in which he spoke about the accusations against him and showed the lawsuit he filed against the young woman who accused him of false facts on his social networks.

Through a recording of almost four minutes, the standup He assured that the accusations that the producer presented on August 15 against him are completely false. In addition, he said that the accusation has brought him consequences not only personally and emotionally, but also that he has already had difficulties in his work environment.

Face photo of comedian Mau Nieto

Nieto assured that after the strong complaint that the young woman launched against him and the wave of criticism he has received since that accusation, they have made him reflect and think about many things during these weeks. Although he is aware that a public image related to alcohol and excesses has been created, the comedian said that does not make him an abuser.

In addition, he affirmed that during these days he was able to realize how easily a person’s reputation can be destroyed by the simple fact of launching an accusation against him and without having evidence. But what he does not agree with is that people judge without being sure of what really happened.

There is a public image about me that I have created myself and that has to do with partying and alcohol, but that does not mean that I am a bad person. One thing is my lifestyle and another thing is to be accused of being an abuser, which I am not.

Despite the strong comments he has received against him on social networks, Mau Nieto confirmed his support for the complaint against a crime, as well as emphasizing that he trusts his innocence and that he is a faithful believer that the truth sooner or later comes out. the light.

Mau Nieto posing on stage at The United States Academy

Before concluding his video, he sent a message about gender equity to all his followers, words with which he seeks to set his case as an example so that he does not defame himself before social networks and does not take for granted everything that is said there.

If we really want gender equity to exist and protect women from abuse, we have to start strengthening the institutions in charge of it. Because we can’t just create fires and defame on social networks.

Mau Nieto published a video suing the girl who accused him of sexual abuse

Finally, the comedian announced that over ten years of hard work, he has tried to forge a career in the medium without destroying the life of any other person. For this reason, in full use of his right as a citizen, he took legal action against Melissa Yamel and put a series of sheets in front of the camera that are the complaint he filed against her for having accused him of having abused her in their networks. social.

That is why yesterday I exercised my right to defend myself and filed a lawsuit against the person who accused me of false facts on his social networks. I hope that justice is done just as all the people mentioned it on social networks.

Mau Nieto posing on a graffiti background

In addition, he thanked his followers and all the people who, despite not liking his comedy or his work, have been supporting him and have shown him affection and solidarity. Waiting for justice to be done, Mau Nieto affirmed that he will not say anything again on this subject.

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