Mcdonald’s pokémon cards

Today we are super excited because the Pokemon Happy meal toys are finally here for february 2021.

And we wouldn’t exactly call these toys! Because we’re getting cards and we’ll show how to get them below.

Mcdonald’s has had Pokemon sets in the past. But here is the current set. So it says 4 Pokemon trading game cards and a surprise gift in every half meal.

This is for the Pokemon 25th anniversary

You get a booster pack with four different cards. With each item, you get a surprise gift. This looks like a sticker sheet. And then you have a little book or fold. Out where you could put the stickers inside.

Then we have a sleeve; where you could put your card inside. Which are kind of cool things?

This might be a deck box it says frame your favorite. So you could put some of your cards in there and then close it, that’s pretty helpful, because we have a lot of extra Pokemon cards lying around and maybe these are bigger stickers.

Over here up for Pokemon your mudkip torchic Pikachu. So we think this is going on the happy meal box maybe, or you can put the stickers anywhere. And most of these Pokemon are all starter Pokemon.

Let us go back to where the cards are!

It looks like we have a lot of the starter Pokemon from different regions. Like we have lit in over here Chest Pin Popplio, Bulbasaur, Rowlet Tepig. Butwe can’t tell who the other ones are.

We have Chikorita, sowe can’t wait to get this. We’ll be getting it right now and you should see a video later today.

Hopefully, my Mcdonald’s has them!

We have some activities over here. We’ve made how to draw Pokemon videos in the past. You could check those out on my channel. But if you would like let me know if you want to do it first movies Pokemon.

I’ll also do the mac play update soon and in some of my recent videos. KFC also has some really cool Pokemon choice.

Right now, you can check out Pokemon Funko Pop videos on my channel. You could check out my 2021 Happy Meal predictions.

All of these videos of happy meals could be in my happy meal playlist.

We’re having water videos and then we also have my Pokemon playlist. You can’t even find it right now. But anyways it should be here. And then we have a lot more Pokemon videos on my channel. Here are some recent happening toy videos. Here are some recent Pokemon videos. We’ve opened a lot of Pokemon cards on my channel.

And we’ve had some really great polls in a dollar tree pack. We’ve pulled a secret rare in a regular packwe pulled.

The ultra ball in the sun and moon. In a sunny moon pack, so that was pretty cool.

We got this rare Charmander foil card which is almost a hundred dollars. Now from toys we’ve opened fake Pokemon cards.

We have this extreme Mcdonalds Pokemon cards. So check out my channel for these videos. Fake card tins so a lot of fun stuff an evolutions pack from my advent calendar four years ago. You could check out my instagram

Currently, We have a funko wall with some Pokemon pops and i’ll take cool pictures of them in the summer or when covin’s over here’s my tech talk.

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