Meghan Markle cried at the Queen’s funeral and it rains memes

Since the death of Queen Elizabeth ll was announced, the British royal family put aside their differences with Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle in order to give the British monarch a calm and relaxed goodbye. Although not being active members of the royal house they were limited and even denied participation in certain activities of the protocol.

After several days full of emotions and mixed feelings, the time to celebrate the queen’s state funeral arrived. However, although the whole family was calm during the ceremony, it was the Duchess of Sussex who drew attention when she could not contain her tears and was moved during the procession of the monarch’s coffin in the Westminster church.

Meghan Markle crying at the queen's funeral

On more than one occasion, the cameras captured how the tears of the 41-year-old actress rolled down her face during the last goodbye of Queen Elizabeth II, while she was accompanied by the Queen consort Camila and the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton.

Wearing a black dress by Stella McCartney, matching a pair of earrings that Elizabeth II gave her, Meghan was more affected than her grandchildren and relatives. In fact, despite the fact that at first she tried to hide and dry the tears on her face, moments later, she was even more moved and burst into tears next to her husband, Prince Harry, who did not hesitate to hug her and try to console her.

Photo of Prince Harry with his wife Meghan crying for Queen Elizabeth ll

However, the tears of Archie and Lilibet’s mother did not take long to attract attention and be the target of innumerable criticisms from countless people who claimed that no one believed in their pain, so social network users did not take long to create and share a series of creative memes about it. Here is a list of the funniest so far.

1. He deserves an Oscar

2. The real reason for her crying

meme with the photo of Queen Elizabeth telling Meghan not to cry

3. She is a professional in the art of faking tears

Meghan Markle meme saying she's an expert at crying with her left eye

4. Outside / inside

Meghan meme after crying at the queen's funeral

5. We are not convinced

meme of Meghan Markle's tears at the Queen's funeral

6. You, as an actress the best

meme with the image of Meghan Markle crying at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth ll

7. Meghan, she doesn’t even remember you anymore

Thanos meme themed Meghan crying at Queen Elizabeth ll's funeral

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