Mexico is the country where Bad Bunny is most listened to

Bad Bunny is one of those artists who generate controversy because “either you love him or you hate him”, there are no middle ground when talking about this singer. Although it may weigh many on you, there is no doubt about its success and its millions of views on YouTube, as well as the way in which the tickets for its world tour were sold out are just a small proof of this.

An important part of this success is found in Mexico, since it is the country in which the so-called “Bad Bunny” is heard the most. According to information from YouTube, up to a quarter of the reproductions that their songs have had have been made among Mexicans.

Recently, Bad Bunny announced that he will release a new album and will be El Muerto, a Latino superhero in a movie for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In addition, he has a world tour that places him as the second artist with the most earnings for this concept worldwide. As if that were not enough, he was the most listened to on Spotify during 2021 and on YouTube he has just over 10 billion views so far this year.

In Mexico, Bad Bunny’s videos have been played more than 2.55 billion times, followed by users in the United States, where he also has enormous success.

At this moment, the Puerto Rican is number four in the top of those who have the most reproductions and has remained in the first places for 288 consecutive weeks, which is a great achievement.

The song Yonaguni is the one with the most reproductions, followed by don’t know meduet with J Balvin, while in third place is dakitiwhich is a more recent track, reflecting continued success with their new material.

Through his social networks, Bad Bunny reported that he will soon release a new album and said he is sure that it will also be well received by his millions of followers.

You may like it or not, but the enormous success it has had in recent years cannot be denied and everything seems to indicate that it will continue at the top and beyond, since it is already venturing into the world of cinema and that will be a huge showcase to get there. to the places where he has not yet been able to with his music. A bad bunny who knows how to do things well.

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