Miranda Cosgrove speaks out about the abuse of Jennette McCurdy

This August 9, Jennette McCurdy released her long-awaited biographical book I’m Glad My Mom Diedof which prior to its publication, in an interview for the The New York Times, On August 3, the 30-year-old actress shared a fragment that revealed part of the abuse she suffered when she was a Nickelodeon star.

The co-star of spin-off Sam & Cat revealed that in addition to being the victim of her mother’s abuse, during her time at Nickelodeon she also experienced abuse such as when, in a costume test, she was photographed in a bikini and made to drink alcohol despite being a minor.

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The strong statements of the actress who gave life to Sam Puckett, in icarlywere not indifferent and caused an impact not only to the public, but also to his former partner, the actress Miranda Cosgrove, who during a conversation for the medium New York Times He said he did not know how difficult that stage in Jennette McCurdy’s life had been.

During the interview, the interpreter of Carly Shay was questioned about the new book of her partner for more than five years. In addition, she was asked if she was aware of the abuse that Jennette experienced, to which the 29-year-old actress replied that she was completely unaware of the situation.

Image of the cover of the Book 'I'm Glad My Mom Died'

When you are young you live locked up in your own mind. You cannot imagine that the people around you are going through much greater problems.

Referring to the fact that McCurdy was a girl who made them laugh during the recordings, Cosgrove said that given the funny and humorous attitude that the former actress reflected, there was not the slightest suspicion that she was having a bad time.

Characters Sam and Carly from the Nickelodeon series iCarly

In 2021, the platform of streaming Paramount+ confirmed the reboot of icarly, in its version with more mature characters, a proposal that Jennette McCurdy completely rejected, assuring that she is not interested in returning to the world of acting. Supporting her co-star’s stance, Cosgrove said:

I’m sure being in acting at a young age is not easy. I mean having an adult job when you’re a kid is a hard thing to do. I understand your perspective 100 percent.

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Finally, empathic with Jennette’s decision, Miranda Cosgrove said that if at any time her ex-partner wanted to participate in a project, the interpreter of our beloved Sam Puckett will always have the doors open in acting.

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