Miss England competes with a completely natural face

The stereotypes of beauty have changed and, honestly, that makes us quite happy. In fact, even in the beauty pageants themselves, the requirements have been modified, opening the opportunity to thousands of women who have already been mothers or are about to be.

So it will be nothing new to see participants like Melisa Raouf, 20, who captivated the judges of the Miss England 2022 pageant by wearing her beautiful face without a drop of makeup.

Melissa Rauf

Melisa is a student of Politics and is the first finalist in the more than ninety-year history of the contest to show off her clean face and ensure that people should love her flaws and imperfections. Yes!

For a long time we got used to defining beauty based on women wearing makeup and measuring 90, 60, 90, but now, fortunately, we are changing that chip, especially in a country like England, which has always been characterized by excessive use make-up, aesthetic interventions and touch-ups by the contestants.

Melissa Raouf pageant

The beautiful participant is 20 years old, she is from London and, when she appeared, showing off her natural beauty in the semifinals, she surprised her own and others. But her determination is what is even more exciting, because Melissa is very clear about why she is part of these contests: to inspire other women to show off her natural beauty.

That determination was what landed Melissa a spot in the Miss England final. In addition, the model assured that she now wants to eliminate the toxic contexts that surround makeup and social networks.

Melissa Raouf finalist

The girl stated that wearing makeup never made her feel comfortable and that is why she made the decision not to wear it and thus promote inner beauty in an era where beauty is obsessive on social media.

miss england

If you’re happy in your own skin, you shouldn’t be forced to cover your face with makeup. I believe that people should love and embrace their flaws and imperfections as we know that true beauty is found in simplicity.

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