Mom differentiates her triplets with nail polish code

Mom loves all her children equally, but that doesn’t mean she can call them all the same. With multiple pregnancies becoming more common in the United States, mothers have had to figure out how to identify their offspring.

Crystal Hasselquist, mother of identical triplets, was desperate to find a way to tell her three little ones apart from one another, so she devised a simple and original strategy. The woman varnishes the big toe of the left foot of her babies with different colors: green for James, blue for Henrik and red for Thomas.

AmyJo Hasselquist, the sister-in-law of the proud and witty mother, found this colorful dynamic amusing, so she decided to use her TikTok account to share the interesting measure with the world, in case it helps another mother of triplets or identical twins.

The smart mom and her triplets quickly went viral, surpassing 16 million views, as they indulged their unique parenting style in an adorable way.

Although it is an effective way of differentiating their babies, there are mothers who use other methods that can help facilitate identification and these are not limited to putting marks on the little ones.

Some examples are dressing the little ones with clothes of different colors or different styles and even looking for physical or personality differences, such as birthmarks, whether they are left-handed or right-handed or their habits, gestures and facial expressions.

Big twins with different facial expressions

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