Mom explains her tears after dropping her son off at school

In a Facebook post that accompanied a photo of her face with tear-swollen eyes and a reddened nose after wiping it while crying, Meredith Ethington explained why moms cry when they drop their kids off at school… though not It is your first day there.

In the midst of adjusting to the routine after a return to school, when the excitement of going to school has passed and the children do not even feel like getting up, this mother of three children, author of the book Mom Life: Pending Perfection and blog contributor Maternitytalked about the not-so-perfect moments of parenting and touched everyone with her honesty about it.

It’s not the first day of school… but her mom cries

It’s not because I miss them (although sometimes I do). It’s because this morning was a battle. And we care. We worry if we did the right thing by sending them to a place where they might not feel comfortable.

face their own struggles

Meredith Ethington with her book 'Mom life: Perfection Pending'

Although as mothers they want to protect their children from any problems, they have to face their own struggles.

We worry because maybe they struggle with learning. We worry because they have their own battles to fight during the day that we can’t help them.

Maybe they are pushed beyond their limits

Meredith with her family

Not knowing if their teachers or friends can be counted on, moms sometimes leave them alone to “grow up stronger.”

We worry because they may be struggling with special needs. Or maybe they struggle with anxiety and no one sees what they need just to be there.

How do you know if you are doing the right thing?

Meredith Ethington wearing a t-shirt that says: Real, not perfect

Meredith shared this reflection knowing that, like her, there are other mothers who cry without understanding if they are doing the right thing, forced to understand that children grow up and face difficult things on their own.

It kills us inside to leave them there when we had a bad morning.

And it’s hard to let them go and see them get hurt finding their way. But that’s what a strong mother does. We got over our tears in the car. So they don’t doubt themselves…

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