Mom requires children to take 12,000 steps to play video games

Mom requires children to take 12,000 steps to play video games

Nowadays, leading a sedentary life is extremely easy. Most people spend a large part of the day sitting at a desk, travel by car or public transport, and have hobbies sedentary, such as watching series or playing video games.

The consequences of these types of routines are no secret, but our busy lifestyles make changing our habits difficult. For this reason, many parents are choosing to instill healthy habits in their children since they are young, and an example of this is this tiktok mom who established original dynamics so that her children walk every day.

There are conditions to play video games


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This mom shared her tactics on TikTok to encourage her kids to be more active and exercise daily. Her children, like any child, love to play video games, but to prevent them from spending too much time in front of their consoles, her mother set some rules and conditions.

The little ones can only play video games during the weekend and only if they took a total of 12 thousand steps during the week. Spreading these 12,000 steps over five days, children would have to take an average of 2,400 steps per day, which is not very difficult, especially for an active child who plays and moves all day.

“They reach those steps very easily”


Reply to @thepoplifegirl Just because it might be hard for some people doesn’t mean it’s impossible or hard for others.

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However, after a video of one of her sons jogging on a treadmill went viral on TikTok, this woman received both criticism and praise for her parenting techniques. Many people think it’s a great initiative to make sure little ones get in the habit of getting some exercise every day, but others criticized it because they thought it was excessive for their little one to run on a treadmill.

She quickly clarified that her children do not run on a treadmill every day, and that she does not require them to have a specific way to reach the goal that she asks of them: they can take those 12 thousand steps simply by walking, playing, going to the park, dancing, etc. In short, doing activities typical of a child. In addition, she added that if one weekend they don’t want to play video games, they don’t have to take the 12,000 steps during the week.

For all of you freaking out: You don’t have to run on a treadmill every day. My kids can get their steps however they want. They can also opt out if they don’t want to play video games.


Reply to @brandonjackson357 making sure our kids stay active is so tragic. 🙄🙄

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She even received comments where users tried to make her feel guilty for instilling these habits in her children, telling her that the children would need to go to therapy. She answered in a very funny way, and it is obvious that she is not taking the comments seriously.

Despite the mixed reaction she got, she knows better than anyone what it takes to maintain her children’s physical and emotional health, and the reality is that most of us could make simple changes to live in a healthier way. .

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Written by Ashly le Roi

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