Netflix announces trailer with the release date of ‘Cobra Kai’

From the premiere of its first season in 2018 to its fourth season in 2021, the series cobra kaibased on the movie saga karate Kidhas become one of the most successful series on the Netflix platform.

What began as the follow-up to the youthful feud between Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence slowly evolved until it reached the new generations. But the appearance of characters from the franchise of the original films of karate Kid It is what has given a different touch to the story.

Daniel LaRusso and Johny Lawrence in the Cobra Kai series

After the unknowns and the incredible turns that the last installment of chapters had, Netflix took pity on us and on May 5th it surprised us all with the publication of the first official trailer that reveals a taste of what we will see in the fifth season.

According to what is seen in the preview, after betraying John Kreese, his lifelong friend, and after winning the Valley Karate Championship, Terry Silver is determined to be expanding his dojo.

Poster with the image of the characters from the fourth season of the Cobra Kai series

Meanwhile, Daniel LaRusso sets out to find his old friend Chozen Toguchi, together to put an end to the ambitious Silver’s dojo. For his part, Johnny Lawrence and his son Robby travel to Mexico to find Miguel, who left determined to find his father.

With a war that goes beyond a simple competition of dojos karate season five cobra kai promises to be exciting and full of adventure. The new installment will be released on September 9, 2022 through the platform of streaming from Netflix and we can’t wait any longer.

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